Africa: Bishops take a stand against an official vaccination campaign

Publié le 19 Nov, 2015

“For the second year, the Church is boycotting a curious vaccination campaign organised by the Health Minister in conjunction with the UN”. An initial debate had, in fact, already led Kenyan Bishops to oppose the Health Minister in their country concerning the tetanus injection which was “suspected to contain a hormone preventing women from having children”[1]. Now the anti-malarial vaccine is “subject to extensive criticism”.  In July, the Kenyan Bishops asked for the official vaccination campaign “report” “in an attempt to guarantee the safety of these vaccines”. Having had no response from the authorities to date, they have called on health organisations coming under the aegis of the Church “not to use the suspect vaccine”.


 “We have noted that the vaccine is contaminated with estradiol”, announced the Catholic Doctors’ Association. “In many girls, this triggers early puberty with periods starting between the age of 7 and 9. Conversely, in boys, development is altered with numerous testicular diseases.  This is tantamount to ruthless, barbaric control of the population”, explained these doctors.


In a document signed in June, the African Bishops declared that, “Condoms, contraceptives, purely technical sex education programmes produced elsewhere, with no reference to morality, and allegedly ‘risk-free’ abortion have become more accessible to Africans than integral development, which is a vital requirement”. They are opposed to programmes highlighting the concepts of “health and sexual and reproductive rights” “controlled by agencies outside Africa”. The sustainable development programme adopted by the United Nations at the end of September is targeted in particular because it introduces “access to all sexual and reproductive health services” and “takes reproductive health into account in national strategies and programmes”(cf. Gènéthique du 7 septembre).


 For Marguerite Peeters, Director of the Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics in Brussels, those who fight for these ideals “belong to extremely powerful networks: pharmaceutical industry, Non-Governmental Family Planning Organisations, governments and international organisations” with “international pressure” being a powerful force on the African continent.



 [1]Tests carried out by a joint Commission linking the Church and the Ministry for Health have confirmed that three of the vaccines used contain the Beta-HCG hormone which is produced during pregnancy. “When a non-pregnant woman is injected with a vaccine combining tetanus toxoid and Beta-HCG hormone, this combination develops antibodies to both tetanus and HCG such that, when an egg is fertilised, the HCG hormone that it produces is destroyed, thus leaving the woman in question permanently infertile”.

Famille Chrétienne n°1975

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