Abortion: Will the Spanish initiative resonate throughout Europe?

Publié le : 27 December 2013

 The Spanish Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, who presented the draft bill to strictly control abortion approved by the Council of Ministers on Friday 20 December, (Gènéthique press review on December 23rd, 2013) is "convinced that this initiative will be followed up elsewhere in Europe". He confirms that this draft bill is "the first bill to reflect the opinion of the majority of European citizens" and that "this initiative will be taken up by parliaments of other European nations". 

This will not be happening in the near future in the French Parliament with the National Assembly scheduled to discuss, on Monday 20 January, the draft law on equality between men and women), which seeks to introduce a "right to abortion", to consider as an offence, from this point onwards, any information that attempts to prevent abortion (Article 5.5), and to introduce the "right to do what one likes with one’s body" (Article 5.5B). To this end, one of the articles in the draft bill (Article 5.5C) calls for removal of the "situation of distress" clause, which is currently required in order to carry out an abortion.
This initiative taken by the French Government to quell Spanish fervour, has triggered a reaction from Monsignor Pontier in an article published in the French daily newspaper, Le Monde, entitled "Monsignor Pontier criticises the government on end of life and abortion". The President of the Conference of Bishops in France particularly laments this "draft abortion bill which, far from supporting distressed women in terms of their responsibility to the unborn child, almost encourages them not to ask any questions when it comes to getting rid of the human being they are carrying within". He denounces this "soulless modern approach", which is a direct consequence of "a culture of waste".

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