Abortion: the American Family Planning Association takes on a new process in Florida

Publié le 3 Jul, 2016

In Florida, several measures aimed at significantly reducing the public funding of abortion clinics and especially Family Planning Clinics, came into effect on 1 July 2016. The law regulating these measures was approved by the Governor in March (see Florida cuts Family Planning Association funding, Abortion: Florida legislators accept controversial restrictions).


Federal Judge Robert Hinkle blocked the application of this law on the evening of 30 June following an objection from the American Family Planning Association.


Robert Hinkle justified his decision by explaining that these measures also reduced other less controversial health services proposed by these clinics such as “birth control and the screening of cancers and sexually transmissible diseases”. In his opinion, “the law went too far”. He also blocked the increase in abortion clinic audits because “this largely exceeded the standards required for other medical installations”.


The Florida Government has not deigned to comment on the judgment or his Health Department.

Reuters, Letitia Stein (1/07/2016)

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