Abortion: Swedish ministers against conscientious objection

Publié le 17 Nov, 2015

In Sweden on 12 November 2015, the Jönköping court rejected the request submitted by a midwife requesting equal employment opportunities. In fact, she was refused several hospital posts because she is a conscientious objector, refusing to carry out abortions.


In this respect, Health Minister, Gabriel Wikströmand Gender Equality Minister, Asa Regnér declared that, “the so-called right to conscientious objection by health care professionals should be known by its real name: refusal to treat” and that conscientious objection is a “ serious legal restriction on abortion and a violation of human rights”.


 Addressing health care professionals, the ministers confirmed that people do not have the “right to decide which professional tasks they wish to perform”. They added that “health care in Sweden should not be controlled by private opinions”.


 Note from Gènéthique:

In terms of the conscience clause, see « Clause de conscience, critère de démocratie ».

Agenda Europe (17/11/2015) – Aftonbladet (13/11/2015)

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