Abortion on the Internet for €90

Publié le 1 Sep, 2014

After the “abortion boats”, Rebecca Gomperts from the Netherlands is offering an unusual on-line service – she is making drug-induced abortions available to women living in countries where abortion is illegal or restricted.


So, for the sum of €90, Women on Web will undertake to provide a medical consultation and to dispatch the drugs required to trigger a miscarriage “at the start of pregnancy“. This service is the outcome of collaboration with Indian pharmaceutical company, Kale Impex, which sends drugs to the homes of women wishing to have an abortion “within 2 to 3 weeks”. In the event of complications, the site advises women to seek medical advice “without disclosing the medication they have taken”. The medicinal products in question, which contain mifeprestone and misoprostol, are prescribed in France but medical follow-up is mandatory.


Rebecca Gomperts must have found another way of “exploiting legal loopholes” and overturning national legislation because the “abortion boats” procedure certainly faced a media battle but local authorities in Poland, Ireland and Portugal succeeded in thwarting abortion on board “clinics” navigating in international waters.

Salte (Claire Levenson) 01/09/2014 – Famili 01/09/2014

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