Abortion: Indiana extends the right of conscientious objection to all health professionals

Publié le 15 Apr, 2019

Indiana has just passed a new law extending the right of conscientious objection to abortion. Doctors and employees of hospitals and clinics already had the right – for “ethical, moral, or religious reasons” – to not “perform an abortion or participate in a procedure leading to an abortion, including the prescription, administration, or delivery of a abortifacient drugs”.  With this new law, the right to conscientious objection will also be granted to all other healthcare professionals, including nurses, medical assistants, and pharmacists, regardless of their role in the abortion process.


Indiana lawmakers had already approved the law with a vote of 69 to 25. The Senate voted Monday 38 to 8. It must still be signed by Governor Eric Holcomb, who is unlikely to present any objections.

Washington Times (02/04/2019)

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