Abortion in Ireland: 6,000 requests for information since January 2019

Publié le 20 May, 2019

Since abortion was decriminalized in Ireland on 2 January 2019, the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) My Options helpline has received 6,000 calls. Of the 317 Irish general practitioners willing to perform abortions, 169 agreed to have their contact details shared on the My Options website. The others can be accessed when a person contacts the helpline, who is referred to the nearest GP performing abortions.


Dr Short, who has a practice in Blackrock, Dublin, said that women who use her abortion services are mostly “women in their thirties whose contraception has failed” and others who “already have a family but who may think it isn’t the right time to have another child, or who are facing other problems, such as the health of their other children“.


In some counties, there are no doctors performing abortions and hospitals do not provide abortion services.


The number of abortions performed in Ireland since 2 January will not be available until the end of the year.

Irish Examiner, Joyce Fegan (5/05/2019) – Ireland: 6,000 crisis pregnancy calls since abortion legalised


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