Abortion: a Scottish court upholds the right to conscientious objection

Publié le : 26 April 2013
A recent ruling of a court in Edinburgh, Scotland, granted two Catholic midwives "the right to conscientious objection to refuse to provide any assistance or preparation for abortion." In wider terms, it is a consecration of the "right to no longer take part in the organisation of abortions in their hospital" which has been granted to them.  
Basing their ruling on the 1967 law which gives wide protection to medical personnel "against having to participle in abortions owing to their religious belief," the judges specified: "Our point of view is that the right to conscientious objection covers not only the surgical action of terminating the pregnancy but all the protocol of treatments designed to terminate it." This decision could enable midwives and nurses to cite their conscience clause for refusing to administer contraceptive treatments or the morning-after pill.

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