A young mother chooses to give her baby up for adoption rather than have an abortion

Publié le 19 Oct, 2015

A young American woman, Jessalynn Speight, has just published a book [1]in which she describes her journey in life up to and after the adoption of her new-born baby.


Having fallen pregnant “by accident”, 19 year-old Jessalynn had to make a decision about her future and that of the child she was carrying: should she keep the baby, have an abortion or put the child up for adoption at birth? On her father’s advice, Jessalynn decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and chose to put her baby up for adoption in order to give her a future that she, herself, was unable to offer.


She described how difficult it was to make a choice that affected her deeply. After the birth, “I went to stay with my mother. I was suffering both morally and physically. I had a photo [of my daughter] and I couldn’t stop looking at her. It was heart-breaking and I experienced so much pain,” she explained. In the six months following the birth of her daughter, Jessalynn suffered from depression, “I often hated the parents who adopted her,” she said. She will accept the situation once the adoption has been finalised.


 Despite everything, the young woman does not regret her decision and has managed to get her life back on track. She has returned to university and believes that this “was the right” choice for her baby.


 [1]Birth parent’s Guide to Grief – 12-Step Process – Les 12 étapes du chagrin des parents biologiques

Madame Figaro (16/10/215)

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