A written declaration in favour of euthanasia is firmly rejected by the European Parliament

Publié le 11 Jan, 2016

Composed three months ago, a written declaration [1]by the European Parliament “on dignity at end of life”was rejected as most MEPs were not in favour. Led by Spanish MEP, Elena Valenciano, this written declaration stipulated that, “all European citizens, regardless of nationality, who find themselves at an advanced stage or terminal phase of an incurable disease and experiencing intolerable physical or mental pain, which cannot be alleviated, should be given medical assistance with a view to ending their life with dignity”.


 President of FAFCE, Antoine Renard, commented as follows on the failed declaration: “Active pro-euthanasia lobbying is emerging within the European Parliament. Consequently, the attention of European policy decision-makers may be distracted from what the EU can actually do to support and promote good palliative care and support for families caring for persons at the end of their life in Member States. The failure of this written declaration shows that human dignity cannot become a battlefield for political conflicts or used to promote certain ideologies”.


 [1]A written declaration “cannot be considered an official position by the European Parliament but rather an expression of the MEPs who signed it”.

FAFCE (11/01/2016); Agenda Europe (11/01/2016)

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