A woman convicted for non-compliance with a custody order after a the donor changes his mind

Publié le 7 Jan, 2019

A woman, married to another woman, was sentenced on 5 December by the Caen court to a four month suspended prison term with a two-year probation period. In addition, she will have to pay 500 euros to the sperm donor who enabled her to give birth to their daughter. At issue is the “total” exclusion of the father “which could harm the child’s interests”.


In 2012, the man had initially signed a certificate of non-coparenthood, but “just before birth, he officially recognized the child, then obtained normal custody rights in court”.


He was turned away by the two women, the mother having declared that they had never had plans to raise the child together. He then took legal action against the mother for non-compliance with the custody order. The wife did not testify in the proceedings.

La Manche libre (12/12/2018)

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