A team of researchers clarifies one of the causes of male infertility

Publié le : 12 April 2013
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States recently published the results of research into male infertility. Led by Professor Jiri Forejt, an international team of researchers in the Institute of Molecular Genetics (Prague) "clarified the molecular details of one of the most important mechanisms causing male infertility." The journalist points out that "during the encounter between the ovule and the sperm, the genetic capital of the father and the mother comes together to form a new individual." This process is "delicate because each error is then passed on to their descendent." As the same time, "the body has a certain number of control mechanisms that can force the process to stop and the sex cells to die after detecting errors. It is in this situation that infertility ensues."
To carry out this research, the researchers "
studied the reproduction of mice belonging to two different sub-species whose genetic heritage nevertheless differs sufficiently so that the paternal and maternal chromosomes cannot correctly form pairs during the formation of gametes." Prof. Jiri’s team found that the male descendants from this crossbreeding were infertile.

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