A Russian cryogenics company wants to freeze people before they die: utopia?

Publié le 28 Nov, 2017

Freezing a living person is tantamount to murder but a Russian company, KrioRus[1], is fund-raising to build its laboratory in Switzerland. It aims to offer people, who want to die, a chance to be frozen by circumventing assisted suicide legislation.


According to KrioRus, the cryopreservation of a body before death could avoid serious brain damage and increase the chances of bringing the body “back to life one day“. They hope to be the first company to freeze a non-biologically dead body because, so far, the technique has only been attempted on individuals who are declared legally dead.


The company is charging the sum of $36,000 to freeze the entire body, and $12,000 for just the head. It is also offering to freeze pets for a fee ranging from $10,000 to $26,000.


The scientific community is extremely dubious because the process has not been proven and it is highly controversial. Some organs such as the heart or kidneys have never been successfully frozen and then thawed. It is therefore likely that the whole body of a deceased person, including the brain, may be damaged in some way as a result of this process.


[1] A Russian cryogenetics company.



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