A petition launched at European level to protect the right to life

Publié le : 10 January 2013

 On 24 December, several pro-life movements in twenty European countries launched an on-line petition "to support the recognition in the European Union of the right to life from the moment of conception." This petition, entitled "One of Us," is proposed by European citizensfor the"legal protection of the dignity, the right to life and the integrity of every human being from the moment of conception in the fields of competence of the European Union where such protection is necessary."         

For the promoters of the petition, "the human embryo deserves respect for its dignity and integrity."In order to guarantee "consistency in the areas of its competence where the life of the human embryo is at stake," they point out that the European Union "must introduce a ban to put an end to the financing of activities that involve the destruction of human embryos particularly in the fields of research, aid for development and public health.

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