A miscarriage can trigger post-traumatic stress

Publié le 18 Nov, 2016

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open, women may suffer post-traumatic stress after a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Study Director, Jessica Farren, from Imperial College London, focused on 113 women who recently had a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.


Most of these women miscarried during the first three months of pregnancy whilst approximately 20 % had an ectopic pregnancy.


Four out of ten women had post-traumatic stress symptoms three months after losing their child. The women affected by this syndrome confirmed that they regularly experience feelings related to the loss of their baby. They also described “intrusive or undesirable thoughts” about their miscarriage, and even suffer from nightmares or flashbacks.

Psychomedia (04/11/2016).

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