A little boy born with a rare spina bifida complication defies expert predictions

Publié le 2 Mar, 2017

When Noah Wall was born, doctors thought that he would probably not survive and even if he did, he would have a serious physical disability. The child had developed a rare spina bifida complication in the womb. His head became filled with fluid that crushed the base of his brain. His parents refused an abortion five times. At birth, Noah underwent surgery to close the wound in his back and to install a fluid drainage system.


Noah grew and developed against all expectations. At three years of age, a scintiscan showed that his brain had regained 80% of the size of a normal brain compared to just 2% at birth. He is learning to read, write and count, and is going to school. His brain is continuing to develop beyond the “wildest expectations”. After several hip operations, his parents hope that Noah will be able to walk one day.

Aleteia, Zoe Romanowsky (19/02/2017)

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