A Cecos studies the health of children of transsexuals

Publié le : 19 February 2013

 The Centre for the Study and Conservation of Human Ova and Sperm (Cecos) of Cochin hospital in Paris recently studied the development of children living with a transsexual parent.
This study, carried out in the transsexuality unit of the Foch hospital in Suresnes, mentions that "out of 266 patients operated on for a sex change (at the average age of 33), two thirds of whom were women who had become men and one third men who had become women, over one half (54%) live a married life." Moreover, "35% of them live with children, more often the women who had become men (43.5%) than the men who had become women (18.5%)". Furthermore, in this same cohort, "87 children live with women who had become men who are their stepfather, their father by sperm donation or their adoptive father" and 20 children live "with men who have become women who are their step-mother, their adoptive mother or who were their father before becoming a woman.".    
The Cecos of Cochin hospital is "the only one in France to grant a request for a sperm donation from couples in which the future father is a woman who has become a man." Among these couples, out of 42 children born from a sperm donation, "24 were monitored by the Centre and examined at least once a year by a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a psychomotricity specialist."        

While the study comes to the conclusion that the children living with a transsexual parent have a "normal" psychomotor and cognitive development and "no problem with their sexual identity," it must be mentioned that the Centre monitored the children only up to the age of 12. Hence, the study "leaves in suspense the question of what these children become at adolescence." Lastly, the article points out that "the Cecos encourages the parents to reveal to their children the transsexuality of one of them, which many (48% in the study of Foch hospital) keep a close secret."

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