A baby overcomes the darkest prognosis

Publié le : 7 February 2014

 A 3 month-old English baby girl was diagnosed with encephalocele – "brain hernation outside the skull" whilst in her mother’s womb. According to doctors, she "was definitely going to be incapable of breathing after birth because of this malformation and that, in terms of survival, serious brain lesions were anticipated". Despite this diagnosis, little Faith’s parents made a choice: "not to abort their baby and give her a chance". In an interview, the parents said that "If there was any chance at all, then we wanted to give it to her".      

A chance that baby Faith grasped with both tiny hands. In fact, "she was able to breathe from birth and following surgery to replace her brain within her skull, she may not even suffer any long-term sequelae". Surgery was performed last January. Every 6 months, the child must have a scan to check that her brain is developing correctly. Her mother stated that, "She is doing everything a 3 month-old baby is supposed to do". 

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