A baby boy is born following an ovary transplant

Publié le 9 Dec, 2016

For the first time at the CHU Toulouse (University Medical Centre), a baby boy has been born following an ovary transplant. In 2009, whilst battling neck cancer, a young woman agreed to have her ovarian tissue preserved. Part of her ovary was frozen in an attempt to increase her chances of having a baby at a subsequent stage.

The ovarian tissue was transplanted five years later after the young woman had been cured. According to the Biomedicines Agency, this is still a rare technique – “the exact method has not been validated, particularly with regard to the location of the autograft”. “Ovarian tissue can be replaced within the abdomen, on remaining ovarian tissue or even under the skin, on the fore-arm or abdomen”.


If the transplant is successful, “the ovarian tissue resumes its initial functions, including its hormone-secreting role”. Menstrual cycles resume and women can then conceive naturally. The young woman became pregnant in less than a year.


Worldwide, there have only been about one hundred births to date using this medical technique.

Pourquoi docteur (Stéphanie Gardier) 22/11/2016 ; L’Express 23/11/2016

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