70 years, “this is not the age to have a child”

Publié le 11 May, 2016

According to yesterday’s announcement by an Indian clinic, doctors have spoken out against IVF treatment for a 70 year-old woman.


Obstetrician, Sunil Jindal, raised in particular “the question of the future of a child born to elderly parents as well as the medical risk to the mother (…). This treatment cannot be justified for women over sixty years of age”. Gynaecologist Anshu Jindal also said that 70 “was not the age to have a child”.


Furthermore, the announcement referred to IVF treatment “using the eggs from the mother and the sperm from her 79 year-old husband” but British newspaper, The Guardian, “confirmed on Wednesday that the woman had actually received eggs from a donor stating that the relevant doctor at the clinic had indeed confirmed this information”.

AFP (2016/05/12)

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