62% of Swiss in favour of PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)

Publié le 14 Jun, 2015

Yesterday, the Swiss voted in favour of pre-implantation diagnosis.  62% accepted the general amendment to the Constitution which creates a framework authorising doctors to practise PGD. However, only 43% of voters participated.


This vote “is, however, only a precursor”. The law, on which Parliament has already voted, will be subject to a referendum. 


This law “paves the way for PGD to be accessible not only to couples who know they are carriers of a serious hereditary disease but also to those who resort to in-vitro fertilisation solely because they cannot have children any other way”.


Down Syndrome is indicated in PGD although it is not “considered a hereditary disease”.


This referendum is desired by the interparty committee, created to oppose PGD, as well as by bishops, the Federation of Protestant Churches and Associations for the Disabled. “Only a referendum can still close the door to the selection of human beings,” announced the interparty committee.


Le Temps (14/06/2015) ; 20minutes (14/06/2015)

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