40% of pregnancies are aborted in Vietnam

Publié le 24 Nov, 2014

Vietnam has exercised a 2-child policy for many years. This programme is based on administrative sanctions and active family planning. Nowadays, abortion is used as a method of contraception in this country.


In fact, a report by doctors working in the Hanoi central maternity hospital indicates that, “in this communist country, almost 40% of pregnancies are aborted”- a number that exceeds official figures. According to governmental statistics, out of 2.4 million pregnancies, 500,000 have been aborted.                                                                                                                                                                 The counting system does not include pregnancies outside marriage. According to Arthur Erken, of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA): “Since there is no systematic control, there may be a further half a million abortions”.


Abortion is extremely straightforward. Legal up until the 22nd week of pregnancy and readily accessible, it is a frequent option. Young women with little knowledge of contraception have repeated abortions, such as 20 year-old Hoa who admits: “I’ve already had 3”.


According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute NGO, Vietnam is the country with the highest rate of abortion in the world “and, if nothing is done, the situation will get worse”. The UNFPA is endeavouring to persuade Vietnam to change its policy: “We keep telling them to stop curbing fertility,” declared Arthur Erken.

Libération 24/11/2014 

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