3rd and 4th generation contraceptive pills: France criticised by international experts

Publié le : 23 April 2013
The decision to stop reimbursing 3rd and 4th generation contraceptive pills has been strongly criticised in an article published by the British Medical Journal and signed by 26 European and North-American specialists in gynaecology-obstetrics. According to the authors, the French health authorities "felt obliged to react under pressure" and "this crisis has harmed everybody, especially women." They point out that "the risk of death from a thromboembolic accident is low" and "the extra risk of death to a woman taking the modern pill is 1 out of 1,000, which is lower than the risk associated with common activities such as cycling." According to these experts, the studies on which France based its decision have not created a consensus of approval: "currently, there are insufficient data or they are contested" and "additional and carefully monitored prospective studies are necessary.

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