3D printing of skin fragments

Publié le 9 Jul, 2014

A team from the Tissue Bio-Engineering Laboratory in Bordeaux “has just succeeded in printing skin fragments from different types of human cells cultivated in vitro”, which could lead to the printing of skin directly on to major burns victims.


The Bordeaux laboratory is aiming to use the laser technique for bio-printing. The advantage of this technique is that it guarantees “greater resolution and, above all, alleviates stress on the cells used in the printing process”. For Fabien Guillemot, Head of Research at Inserm and Co-Director of the team that developed skin fragment printing, “in the bio-printing field, Laser technology offers the greatest resolution”.


The printing of skin tissues responds in particular to the requirements of regenerative medicine.

Sciences et Avenir (Hugo Jalinière) 09/07/2014 

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