2nd wave of liberalisation of abortion in Luxembourg

Publié le 2 Dec, 2014

Two years after the 2012 reform of Minister Biltgen, which liberalised the law of 1978 governing abortion, Luxembourg voted in a new reform on Tuesday afternoon by 38 votes to 22.


This new reform authorises abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy, suppresses conditions required for abortion and the second mandatory consultation.


“The draft bill preserves the right to self-determination for women” who “no longer need to justify themselves, even when in distress” –– a major success story for family planning. In fact, the notion of distress has been deleted.


At last, abortion is “partly decriminalised”.


The opposition regrets the fact that the promise to evaluate the previous reform (2012) was not kept.

RTL 02/12/2014 – L’Essentiel (Jérôme Wiss) 02/12/2014

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