25 years of Belgian law on abortion: the Primate of Belgium refers to “a drama”

Publié le 6 Apr, 2015

The 25th anniversary of the Belgian abortion law – Friday, 3 April. On this occasion, feminists put forward a series of proposals to Belgian Health Minister, Maggie de Block. These proposals are primarily aimed at extending the legal timeframe.


It should be remembered that, in 1990, King Baudouin refused to sign this bill. He was declared “unfit to govern” at a time when the government took sole responsibility and signed the draft bill.


Monsignor Léonard, Primate of Belgium, has reviewed this bill and its consequences: “It is difficult to assess the number of children aborted in Belgium since 1990: more than 300,000 in any case. As a matter of principle, they are always victims who cannot defend themselves. The young infant in the womb may well attempt for a while to take refuge against the wall of the womb in order to escape aggression. But in vain. Before long, he/she will be nothing more than clinical waste“. These comments have generated numerous reactions, especially amongst the associations defending women’s rights.


Let’s not forget that, once upon a time, we were all nothing more than a tiny embryo, this foetus within the womb,” he added “and we are only here because we were respected during this vulnerable stage in our lives“.


Finally, he reminded us that “our aim is not to judge women who have had an abortion and even less so to condemn those who have been victims of their own families and friends. We simply want to confirm our desire to defend the precious life of the unborn child and the dignity of every woman as well as our commitment to support those organisations that help women to keep their children, even in extremely difficult situations“.

La libre 06.04.2015

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