222 Canadian Federal MPs oppose genetic discrimination

Publié le 21 Mar, 2017

In Canada, a draft bill aimed at banning genetic discrimination in life assurance was adopted by 222 votes to 60.


The draft law, drawn up on Parliament’s initiative, “would ban companies – and life insurance companies in particular – from asking a consumer to undergo a genetic test or provide the results of such a test before signing a contract“.


Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, nevertheless advised MPs to vote against this bill because, in his opinion, part of the draft bill would be invalidated by the courts. Three provinces protested against this bill which, in their opinion, interferes with their area of expertise.


Liberal MPs, authorised to vote with their conscience, also chose to ignore the Prime Minister’s recommendations.


The bill was therefore adopted by 222 votes to 60. 

The Huffington Post (08/03/2017)

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