14 May, Portugal and Great Britain – Walk for Life

Publié le 10 May, 2016

In Portugal, whilst the Government is debating on whether or not to legalise euthanasia, the Portuguese Pro-Life Federation is organising its sixth Walk for Life to be held in Lisbon on 14 May. The organisers “hope that the initiative will clearly demonstrate public support for defending life at all stages of development”.


In a message addressed to the organisers, Pope Francis “encouraged people, families and the Portuguese society to search for the common good, which immerses its roots in harmony, justice and respect for human rights, from conception through to natural death”. People and families “need a new commitment that promotes genuine human, moral and spiritual values”.


The United Kingdom will also hold its third March for Life on 14 May. The main “British Pro-Life gathering”, this event “intends to raise awareness of the pain and suffering that abortion can bring, and will unite all pro-life groups in the United Kingdom”

Famille Chrétienne, Antoine Pasquier (10/05/2016); Zenit, Océane Le Gall (10/05/2016)

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