100% human artificial skin arrives on the market

Publié le 2 May, 2016

As part of the In-Cosmetics salon, theBioDan Group, a “[Spanish] bio-engineering company specialising in regenerative medicine” presents “the world’s first 100% human skin used to test cosmetic products”. This skin comes from “healthy donors” and is then cultured. The company emphasises the product’s “non-animal” origin and its compliance with the recommendations put forward by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods.


In addition, BioDan has announced “that, from next September, it will also be possible to produce this skin by 3D printing”.

However, the skin market “is not exempt from a few ethical questions”: “Who are the ‘healthy donors’ providing the tissue which is subsequently seeded… cut… layered… expanded… then printed? How many are there? And are they interested in profits?”

Jean Yves Nau (13/04/2016)

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