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An "ethical black box" urgently required for robots

28 July 2017

Robots are gradually entering the public domain and are increasingly interacting with humans. With regard to ethical questions, university lecturers are...

Responding to the challenges of artificial intelligence imposes ethical reflection

13 July 2017

Artificial intelligence specialist, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, warns of the importance of ethical reflection given the massive influx and use of data by artificial...

"Killing off death": a controversial trial in Latin America

19 June 2017

"Killing off death". This transhumanist objective is at the heart of a controversial trial to resuscitate brain-dead patients - the Reanima project. The...

Delvaux report adopted: the European Parliament enters into transhumanist fiction

24 February 2017

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted the Delvaux report by 313 votes in favour, 285 against and 20 abstentions. Assembly Members therefore voted "for the...


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