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Switzerland: NIPS must not become a routine examination

02 May 2016

The TA-SWISS Centre for Technology Assessment has just published a report on Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) in an attempt to “avoid spin-offs” of these...

United States: Sequenom calls for the Supreme Court to pass judgment on the patentability of NIPS

30 March 2016

Sequemom has filed a request to transfer its case to the Supreme Court, asking the latter to review a Federal Court decision that non-invasive prenatal...

What is the ECHR’s position on conscientious objection to prenatal diagnosis for eugenic purposes?

21 March 2016

On 11 March, a Spanish doctor submitted “a request for recognition of the violation of his freedom of conscience” to the European Court of Human Rights. The...

In Belgium more and more pregnant women have access to NIPS

26 February 2016

In Belgium, the Health Minister and Health Insurance Companies “have not yet announced their decision regarding options for refunding Non-Invasive Prenatal...


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