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NIPS: The American Supreme Court confirms the removal of the patent filed by Sequenom

04 July 2016

The American Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal case versus Sequenom and Ariosa, two companies marketing the non-invasive screening test for Down...

NIPS: Heading towards routine screening for Down Syndrome?

17 June 2016

At the end of their congress, members of the French Predictive and Personalised Medicine Society (FMPP) who met on Friday, are calling for “genetic screening...

Fighting abortion: The testimony of parents with childen affected by down syndrome

01 June 2016

In a televised broadcast, Radio Canada highlighted the sentiments of couples who “denounce the lack of support and prejudice within the health system”...

Heidi Crowter, a young English woman with Down syndrome has a message for the Health Minister: "Don’t get rid of us!"

04 May 2016

Some British people are against the new non-invasive pre-natal screening tests (NIPS), which the Government intends to introduce into the Public Health System...


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