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Sally Phillips: Are we heading towards a world without Down syndrome?

14 October 2016

In the United Kingdom, ninety per cent of children screened and found to have Down syndrome before birth are aborted[1]. Whereas the Government is getting...

"You cannot put a price on the life of a person with Down syndrome"

07 October 2016

NIPS[1]"could reduce the amount of money spent on caring for people with Down syndrome". This is the recent announcement from the Royal College of...

NIPS soon to be reimbursed in Luxembourg?

22 September 2016

Non-invasive prenatal screening for Down syndrome has been available on the European market for many years. The national health authorities are now considering...

NIPS: a soaring market in Asia

20 July 2016

In Vietnam, Hanoi has announced a $7.8 million investment “to boost the early detection of congenital anomalies between 2016 and 2020”. In addition to neonatal...


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