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Extending non-invasive prenatal screening?

15 September 2017

Non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPS) involves the analysis of foetal DNA circulating in the mother's blood. It is mainly used for the pre-natal screening of...

Germany: refunding nips would standardise and trivialise the procedure

07 July 2017

In Germany, pre-natal non-invasive screening for Down syndrome (NIPS) has been offered by the pharmaceutical company,  Lifecodexx, since 2012 (seeMarket...

Iowa: a couple claim damages following the birth of their disabled child

19 June 2017

According to a Supreme Court judgment in Iowa, United States, on 2 June, the parents of a "severely disabled" child can sue doctors for failing to detect...

Prenatal medicine - medicine associated with doubt and anxiety

02 May 2017

In Ontario, the Government fully reimburses non-invasive pre-natal screening tests (NIPS) for Down syndrome in the case of "high risk" patients. In Quebec,...


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