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Bioethics press synthesis

Axel Kahn: Down syndrome and the eugenic policy in Switzerland

09 December 2014

Axel Kahn, doctor, geneticist and ethicist, was interviewed by the Swiss daily newspaper, Le Temps, on the subject of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of...

Roche invests in prenatal screening tests

03 December 2014

Roche has announced the take-over of Arizona Diagnostics, Inc., a company based in San Jose (California, United States), which markets non-invasive prenatal...

First operation performed in utero on a foetus affected by a congenital deformity

19 November 2014

For the first time in France, a foetus presenting with a congenital deformity, spina bifida, underwent surgery during the 5th month of pregnancy. The operation...

Non-invasive screening for down syndrome when economics take precedence over ethics

12 November 2014

Jean-Yves Nau, journalist and doctor, refers to the announcement made by the CERBA Laboratory, which recently published the results of its SEHDA study. The aim...


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