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Switzerland: non-invasive prenatal screening for Down's syndrome will be reimbursed

08 July 2015

On Tuesday, the Federal Public Health Office (FPHO) announced that, with effect from 15 July 2015, mandatory treatment insurance schemes would refund non-...

Heading towards routine NIPS (non-invasive prenatal screening)?

09 June 2015

Last Saturday, during the annual conference of the European Human Genetics Society, Dr. Erik Sistermans (Amsterdam) presented the results of the TRIDENT study...

Downpride begs the united nations to oppose the routine screening of down syndrome

03 June 2015

“Down Syndrome is not this terrible and frightening thing that people would have us believe”, explained Renate Lindeman, spokeswoman for the Dutch parents’...

South Africa: Poorly assessed risk of Down syndrome - a mother complains

12 December 2014

In South Africa, the mother of a Down syndrome child has decided to take legal action against a foetal assessment centre that did not correctly assess during...


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