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India proposes to make prenatal gender testing mandatory

02 February 2016

The Indian Minister for Women and the Development of Childhood “has suggested making prenatal gender testing mandatory in order to reduce the high level of...

NIPS will soon be recommended to women in British hospitals

15 January 2016

In Great Britain, the UK National Screening Committee,which advises health authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, has published its...

The MEdGenome Laboratory launches NIPS in India

28 December 2015

Indian laboratory MedGenome has chosen the Natera Constellation, Inc. (NTRA) platform to launch its non-invasive prenatal diagnostic tests (NIPS) called “...

NIPS: Roche and Ariosa extend their market to Australia and the United Kingdom

14 October 2015

On 13 October, the Roche and Ariosa Diagnostics Laboratories, leaders in the NIPS market [1](Harmony Prenatal Test®), announced that they had obtained a...


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