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Sorting embryos according to their IQ?

10 December 2018

The companies Genomic Prediction and MyOme have come up with two new pre-implantation diagnosis "options". Pre-implantation diagnosis or PID is a technique...

Pre-implantation diagnostics: the scandal surrounding non-validated tests

27 December 2017

Pre-implantation diagnostics have been carried out since the 1990s to detect chromosomal anomalies in embryos prior to implantation. Several techniques have...

MAP (medically assisted procreation): New generation embryo sequencing would serve no purpose

13 November 2017

A study presented at the Annual Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Texas, has shown that new generation sequencing (NGS),...

A new technique to sort human and animal embryos

12 September 2017

  Scientists at Adelaide University (Southern Australia) have published a study on a new pre-implantation screening technique in the  Human...


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