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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis


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Pre-implantation diagnostics: the scandal surrounding non-validated tests

27 December 2017

Pre-implantation diagnostics have been carried out since the 1990s to detect chromosomal anomalies in embryos prior to implantation. Several techniques have...

MAP (medically assisted procreation): New generation embryo sequencing would serve no purpose

13 November 2017

A study presented at the Annual Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Texas, has shown that new generation sequencing (NGS),...

A new technique to sort human and animal embryos

12 September 2017

  Scientists at Adelaide University (Southern Australia) have published a study on a new pre-implantation screening technique in the  Human...

"All stages in the human selection process are now being implemented"

13 July 2017

While complex technologies, popularized by the media, are encroaching upon living science, from Crispr-Case 9 to the gene drive, we can see that "the eugenic...


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