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Pig brains restarted four hours after death: should brain death be redefined?

29 April 2019

"The brain’s ability to revive its cells has been underestimated," said Nenad Sestan, a researcher at Yale University in the USA. He is one of the authors of a...

Robotic uterine transplantation: birth in Sweden

29 April 2019

The first baby born after a robotic uterine transplant was born in Sweden on Monday 8 April (see Robot-assisted uterine transplants: first pregnancy in Sweden...

Xenotransplants: are the first human trials imminent?

15 April 2019

Researchers in South Korea are expected to transplant pig corneas into humans "within a year". Several teams in the United States are also preparing to launch...

First kidney transplant from a living HIV-positive donor

08 April 2019

Since a federal law enacted by Barack Obama in 2013, people with AIDS have been allowed to donate their organs to recipients who are also HIV positive upon...


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