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The United Kingdom: presumed consent to organ donation will not apply to genitals

13 May 2019

The United Kingdom has recently adopted the presumed consent system for organ donation (see  United Kingdom and Scotland introduce presumed consent to...

Japan: victims of forced sterilization will receive compensation

06 May 2019

Under the new law passed today, the thousands of surviving victims of Japan's forced sterilization program from 1948 to 1996 will each receive 3.2 million yen...

3D printing of human organs: a step forward

06 May 2019

A German team working on 3D bioprinting of human organs has developed a technique to obtain a "detailed blueprint" of organs to accurately reproduce their...

3D-printed human hearts

29 April 2019

On Monday, researchers at Tel Aviv University presented "a vascularized prototype of the human heart, printed in 3D using human tissues". According to...


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