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Carmat: first artificial heart implantation in Kazakhstan

06 November 2017

On Monday, 23 October, Carmat announced that it "had successfully carried out  […] the first artificial heart transplantation" in Kazakhstan, "without...

Iran: the legal sale of kidneys - "exploitation of the most vulnerable"

30 October 2017

In Iran, the only country in the world to take this approach, a law has been passed to legalise the sale of kidneys. Since 1993, "30,000 kidney transplants"...

Organ donation and the Internet in Belgium: "Donation must remain a voluntary act"

09 October 2017

The Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics has just addressed the ethics of a new way of searching for kidneys or a liver with a view to transplantation....

An increase in transplants in Ontario, Canada, using non-heart-beating donations

09 October 2017

In Ontario (Canada), a recent study published in the CMAJ[1] showed that the new policy to harvest organs from non-heart-beating donors has contributed to the...


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