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Organ donation: the automatic assumption that follows from presumed consent is contrary to the very principle of donation

17 June 2019

The Swiss bishops are opposed to presumed consent for organ donation. "We are not against organ donation [...]. But we do not want it to be automatic," said...

Regenerating lungs too damaged to be transplanted?

20 May 2019

According to Matthew Bacchetta's team at Columbia University, a new technique can apparently regenerate lungs considered too damaged to be transplanted, which...

Taking stock one year after the first face transplant in Canada

20 May 2019

One year after his operation, Maurice Desjardins, the first Canadian to receive a face transplant, has recounted his experience. His entire face – nose, jaw,...

Towards new regenerative therapies to create in-vivo blood vessels?

13 May 2019

Faced with the permanent shortage of organ donors, researchers are looking into alternatives. 3D-bioprinting "to build fully functional organs outside the body...


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