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Woman develops lymph node cancer following kidney transplant

17 December 2018

"Nobody should be fighting somebody else's cancer. […] It's not even my cancer I'm fighting now, it's someone else's cancer, which makes it harder for me...

India - waiting lists to include foreigners in an attempt to curb transplant tourism

10 December 2018

The Indian Department of Health has made the inclusion of non-Indians on organ transplant waiting lists in India a statutory requirement. It seems that private...

In Spain - two patients die after kidney transplants using organs contaminated with herpes

27 November 2018

On 30 June 2018, a fifteen-year-old boy and a woman aged twenty-two underwent kidney transplant surgery at the Seville Hospital. The operation went well but...

Heavy smoker donates lungs and passes on cancer to recipient

19 November 2018

Two years after undergoing lung transplant surgery, a female patient developed a very aggressive form of lung cancer. It turns out that the donor—a woman in...


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