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Pre-mortem organ donor preparation must not obscure ethical questions regarding death with dignity

15 September 2017

Up until a few years ago, end-of-life medical procedures were focused on the patient's best interests. Today, the increasing demand for transplant organs has...

Heading towards organ transplants from genetically modified pigs?

12 September 2017

Scientists led by two Harvard University geneticists, George Church and Luhan Yang[1], have genetically modified porcine embryos in order to make their organs...

Research focuses on a supple artificial heart made from silicone

31 July 2017

Today, 26 million people around the world suffer from heart failure and donors are seldom found. An innovative artificial heart has been developed at the...

United States: Zion, who has had two hand transplants, can write

31 July 2017

Zion Harvey had his hands and feet amputated and his kidneys removed as a young child following septicaemia. He had already undergone a kidney transplant...


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