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How many organ donors in Quebec?

14 May 2018

Quebec organ donor statistics have been published during awareness week: Approximately 3 million inhabitants of Quebec have chosen to donate their organs...

Second face transplant - acute risk of rejection

09 May 2018

Jérôme Hamon is the first man to undergo a second face transplant[1]. His body rejected the first transplant after five years. The partially necrosed face had...

Overdose-death organ donors: what exactly is the risk?

09 May 2018

The number of post-overdose deaths is increasing in the United States[1]. These are young people who have often agreed to donate their organs. Their deaths...

Organ donation is not part of Chinese culture

17 April 2018

"A deceased person's body should remain intact" according to "Chinese traditions and culture". This state of mind makes organ donation virtually impossible in...


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