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Italy refuses to register a baby born through medically assisted reproduction to same-sex female couple

14 May 2018

In Italy, a lesbian couple has been unable to register the birth of their baby at the public records office. Chiara Foglietta, a municipal councillor for the...

Medically assisted reproduction in the US - increasing numbers of thawed embryos

14 May 2018

According to SART data[1], 71,296 babies were born following IVF treatment in 377 US clinics in 2016. At least 242,618 IVF cycles would have been required to...

Fertility coaches to support infertile couples

04 May 2018

Pending confirmation of pregnancy, parents can benefit from the support of a trained specialist to guide them through this difficult journey. Fertility coaches...

Baby boy born in China through surrogacy four years after the death of his parents

04 May 2018

Shen Jie and Liu Xi died in a road traffic accident on 20 March 2013, just five days before they were scheduled to transplant fertilized embryos, as part of...


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