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In Belgium, sperm donor anonymity crumbles

30 October 2017

In Belgium, "the law states that sperm donations should be voluntary and anonymous". However, the "Donor Detectives" Foundation [2] has announced that two...

MAP is "a selfish act" that prevents a child from knowing "where he/she comes from"

30 October 2017

For Elina Dumont, social worker and ward of the state, interviewed on RMC (Radio Monte Carlo), MAP (medically assisted pregnancy) is "a selfish act" because it...

United Kingdom: child born through IVF without the father's consent

23 October 2017

In the United Kingdom, a couple divorced in 2010 following the birth of their first child by IVF in 2008. A few months later, the woman asked the clinic to...

Ireland: heading towards reimbursement for MAP and post-mortem use of gametes and embryos?

23 October 2017

The Irish Government has approved a bill presented by Health Minister, Simon Harris, focusing on "a full set of measures […] regarding medically assisted...


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