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Regenerative medicine to restore fertility?

20 February 2018

In China, a young woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy last month after undergoing human umbilical cord stem cell transplantation to restore her fertility...

Hague Conference: regulate a practice contrary to international law?

20 February 2018

The Hague Conference - 6 to 9 February 2018. The Experts' Group at the Private International Law Conference will work on the legislative surrogacy bill to...

Human eggs grown in vitro

20 February 2018

British and American scientists have succeeded in growing human eggs in vitro from a very early stage "up to full maturation". This is a "landmark" procedure...

United Kingdom: The first cases of three-parent IVF

12 February 2018

In the United Kingdom, the medical team at Newcastle Hospital has been authorised by the HFEA[1]to "create the first three-parent babies" in Great Britain for...


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