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Twins born through surrogacy in Kenya with a female Indian donor and an Italian father are stateless

21 January 2019

Originally from Toronto, the capital of Ontario in Canada, Joseph Tito entered into a surrogacy contract with a Kenyan surrogate mother through Kiran...

Psychoanalyst takes stance on "fatherless parenting"

21 January 2019

Psychoanalyst Jean-Pierre Winter, author of the book L'avenir des pères[1], provides an objective explanation as to why he fears parenting without the father...

Meeting with boyfriend 12 years after giving birth to daughter

21 January 2019

When she was younger, Jessica Share lived in the American Midwest. Married to a woman for a few years, they purchased sperm from an anonymous donor chosen for...

Medically assisted reproduction: a woman forges her ex-husband's signature, the courts refuse compensation

21 January 2019

After her divorce in May 2010, a woman was implanted with a thawed embryo in October 2010 after forging her ex-husband's signature. Despite the conditions...


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