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An American Company promoting surrogacy wants to extend its influence in Europe

15 September 2017

Last Tuesday, Extraordinary Conceptions, an American company based in southern California and specialising in promoting contacts with a view to surrogacy,...

MAP subject to epigenetics test

12 September 2017

In the light of recent studies, Bioethics scientists at Montreal University voiced their concerns about "potential epigenetic risks associated with [1] ...

Three-parent IVF: John Zhang singled out by the FDA

11 September 2017

On 4 August, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) instructed "fertility doctor", John Zhang, to stop marketing three-parent IVF [1] [2]....

Over the last 40 years - a disturbing decrease in the quality of sperm in the western world

21 August 2017

A study carried out by an international team and published in the Human Reproduction Update journal on 25 July shows that sperm levels in men in...


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