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Texas - lesbian couple carried same baby

19 November 2018

A lesbian couple from Texas gave birth to a baby boy, Stetson, last June. The baby was carried alternately by both women.   Following ovarian...

250 women's human rights organisations call for surrogacy ban by UN

19 November 2018

A coalition of women's human rights organisations has petitioned the UN and world leaders calling for a ban on surrogacy (womb rental). The petition also...

Down syndrome: the joy of four mothers whose children are 'different'

19 November 2018

Currently in the UK, 90% of people whose unborn child is diagnosed with Down syndrome decide to abort. Furthermore, no-one believes that the introduction of...

Israel rejects surrogacy for single men and homosexual couples

19 November 2018

The Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) voted against a draft bill seeking to "extend the circle of people using the services of a surrogate mother to single men...


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