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U.S.: frozen embryos are not people? A attorney submits an appeal before the Ohio Supreme Court

20 May 2019

An Ohio appeals court upheld on Thursday a previous ruling that frozen embryos are not people. This decision was based on an Ohio law that states that an...

The United Kingdom: 20,500 test-tube babies born in 2017

20 May 2019

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has released its latest data on medically assisted reproduction in the United Kingdom.   More...

Surrogacy: twins born of different fathers and therefore with different nationalities?

20 May 2019

Andrew Dvash-Banks, an American, and Elad Dvash-Banks, an Israeli, live in Canada and married in 2010. In September 2016, a surrogate mother gave birth to...

An American arrested for surrogacy scam

13 May 2019

A federal criminal complaint has been filed against 37-year-old Grégory Blosser, from Florida, in connection with his business activities as head of company...


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