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Bioethics press synthesis

A woman convicted for non-compliance with a custody order after a the donor changes his mind

07 January 2019

A woman, married to another woman, was sentenced on 5 December by the Caen court to a four month suspended prison term with a two-year probation period. In...

In Indiana, towards a crime of “fertility fraud”?

18 December 2018

In the United States, in the state of Indiana, a proposed bill aims to make it a criminal offence for a doctor, in the context of infertility treatment, to use...

Cambodia: 32 surrogate mothers released on bail

18 December 2018

Thirty-two surrogate mothers arrested in Phnom Penh last June were released after pledging to keep their babies rather than giving them up to the Chinese...

Disappearance of anonymity in biological parentage – and anonymous delivery?

10 December 2018

A review of the bioethics law challenges sperm donor anonymity "which could be removed" for two reasons: the international commitments signed by France in...


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