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After their son's accidental death, a Chinese couple ask for his sperm to produce a new heir

25 March 2019

Peter Zhu, a 21-year-old cadet of Chinese origin, was declared brain-dead after a skiing accident at the prestigious West Point Military Academy in northern...

Surrogacy in India: police remove a boy from his biological mother to take him to his intended parents

25 March 2019

A 4-year-old boy in India was found by the police and taken to his biological father's family, where he met his twin brother. Both brothers were born in 2015,...

Australia: between the sperm donor and the mother's partner, who is the legal parent?

25 March 2019

Should a sperm donor be considered as the legal parent of a child conceived with his sperm? In an ongoing case, the Australian High Court is being called on to...

"I was implanted with a stranger’s embryos"

25 March 2019

The trial relating to a complaint filed against the fertility clinic in Bregenz, Austria by a 44-year-old Swiss woman began on Monday. She has accused the...


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