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United Kingdom has a plant to create "risk-free" genetically modified mosquitoes

13 October 2017

In the United Kingdom, the biotechnology company, Oxitec, a subsidiary of British company, Intrexon, "is constructing a huge plant". The aim of this new...

Myotubular myopathy: launch of the first human gene therapy trial

09 October 2017

As part of a French-American joint venture, the first gene therapy clinical trial for the treatment of myotubular myopathy [1] was launched on 21 September in...

Skin cells converted into motor neurones

25 September 2017

A team at Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis (Missouri), has succeeded in transforming skin cells into motor neurones whilst avoiding "...

Cellectis forced to suspend its gene therapy trials

15 September 2017

Cellectis, a French cell therapy company, has received a suspension notice from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) following the death of a patient. The...


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