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Heredity factors is more than the sum of our genes

31 July 2017

 "Whereas genetics is the study of genes, epigenetics refers to a "layer" of additional information, which defines how these genes will or won't be used...

Genome editing: Sangamo embarks on clinical trials

12 June 2017

Within the clinical trial setting, Sangamo Therapeutics will use the zinc finger nuclease technique [1] to introduce the gene of a missing...

Japan: genetic tests for family planning trigger a debate

12 June 2017

In Japan, a company specialising in genetics, namely Genesis Healthcare Co. based in Tokyo, will offer a new  "service" to future parents within the...

CRISPR: numerous, unexpected "off-target" mutations in humans

12 June 2017

In the Nature Methods journal published on 29 May, the team lead by Doctor VinitMahajan from Stanford University issued a warning to scientists using CRISPR-...


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