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In Caen, judges rule that the University Hospital Centre should treat Léah "like any other patient"

17 December 2018

The judgement in the case of Caen University Hospital Centre v. the parents of a young disabled woman aged 19, instructs the hospital to treat Léah, although...

Noel Conway, end of the road - British Supreme Court refuses to grant assisted suicide

17 December 2018

Noel Conway has just lost his appeal before the British Supreme Court. This 68year-old British citizen has a degenerative neurone disease and is requesting...

In California, assisted suicide law will be applied

17 December 2018

The California Court of Appeal has overturned a lower court's ruling from May 2018 which held that the state's assisted suicide law was unconstitutional. The...

In England, baby's ventilator is turned off without parental consent. NHS pays compensation

10 December 2018

A British couple have just won a legal battle against the NHS in relation to their new-born baby who died in 2012. According to staff at Darlington Memorial...


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