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Euthanasia, an alarming review of legislation in Switzerland, Belgium and Holland

19 February 2019

Whilst the question of euthanasia is regularly raised with French legislators, an initial evaluation of the legalisation concerning euthanasia and assisted...

"I was floating above my body" - Krystel Cahanin-Caillaud's account after spending 5 weeks in a coma

18 February 2019

"I was floating above my body". Interviewed on Europe 1, Krystel Cahanin-Caillaud told Christophe Hondelatte about her "near death" experience.   In...

Euthanasia in Italy: draft bill debated in the Chamber of Deputies

18 February 2019

A draft bill to fully legalise euthanasia in Italy was presented for debate today in the Chamber of Deputies. The bill, presented under popular initiative...

A quarter of all deaths are induced in the Netherlands

08 February 2019

In the Netherlands, fifteen years after the decriminalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide, "more than 25% of deaths in the country are induced". This is...


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