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Inquiry into the assisted suicide of an Italian in Switzerland

15 September 2017

The prosecutor in Como, Italy, has launched an inquiry into the death of a 62 year-old engineer originating from Albavilla, in Northern Italy. Suffering from...

The story of Doctor Owen, who communicates with patients in a vegetative state

12 September 2017

Doctor Adrian Owen, "a famous English neuroscientist", who carries out research at the University of Western Ontario, in Canada, has devised a method to...

Charlie Gard: "The opportunity [for treatment] was lost"

21 August 2017

On Monday, 24 June, the parents of 11 month-old Charlie Gard, who is suffering from a rare genetic disorder, announced the end of their legal battle to keep...

Assisted suicide legislation passed in Columbia, in the USA but Congress wish to rescind the law

28 July 2017

Assisted suicide legislation came into force on Monday, 17 July 2017, in the US District of Columbia. Patients over the age of 18 with up to 6 months to life...


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