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Terminally ill children and parental responsibility

20 February 2018

Alfie Evans was born in the United Kingdom and is suffering from a neurodegenerative disease. He is now in "a deep coma". The medical team looking after this...

Artificial nutrition: between treatment, ethical requirements and artificial life support

20 February 2018

Doctor Diana Cardenas, Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy, reflects on the status of artificial nutrition which is a regular topic of debate, especially for the...

Belgium: 1,000 cases of euthanasia each year without the patients' consent

12 February 2018

Every year, 1,000 Belgians are given a lethal injection without requesting it. This point was highlighted on 29 January by Doctor Marc Cosyns[1], during the...

Medically assisted dying in Ontario: limited conscientious objection for doctors

09 February 2018

On Wednesday, Ontario's Divisional Court made its initial decision on "extending conscientious objection in a medically assisted dying context" following an...


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