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Down syndrome: a promising molecule detected in Japan

15 September 2017

Japanese scientists have discovered a chemical compound that could improve the learning ability of people with Down syndrome by helping their nerve cells to...

Parkinson's disease and iPS cells: encouraging results in monkeys

12 September 2017

A study published on Wednesday, in the Nature journal, by Japanese scientists, highlights "promising" research in the treatment of Parkinson's...

A medicinal product discovered thanks to iPS cells

11 September 2017

Scientists at Kyoto University should start the first clinical trial in the autumn, testing out a medicinal product identified using induced pluripotent stem...

Genetically modified embryos: details of the American study are published

11 September 2017

As announced at the end of July, the work of the American-Sino-Korean team were published in the  Nature journal on 2 August (see United...


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