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Umbilical cord stem cells to treat heart failure?

09 October 2017

In Chile, an initial clinical trial to test treatment with umbilical cord stem cells in thirty patients with heart failure has proved "encouraging". The...

France: "Magnetised" human embryo stem cells

27 September 2017

Scientists at the CNRS and Inserm[1] have carried out experiments aimed at aggregating human embryo stem cells without external support, "solely by using...

Murine eggs obtained from stem cells

27 September 2017

Japanese scientists led by Professor Michinori Saito have succeeded in producing murine eggs from murine embryo stem cells using culture medium containing...

United Kingdom: genetically modified human embryos

27 September 2017

A British team has modified the genome of 58 human embryos [1] using CRISPR-Cas9[2]. They said that they carried out their experiments to "study early human...


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