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Create "artificial embryos" to bypass legislation

30 October 2017

In an attempt to "bypass regulatory limits" regarding research into human embryos, teams of scientists are endeavouring to create embryo structures from stem...

Human embryo stem cells: Asterias continues its trials

17 October 2017

The Asterias company is carrying out a 1/2A clinical trial for patients presenting spinal cord injuries. This trial assess the safety and efficacy of AST-OPC1...

iPS cells, source of pneumocytes

17 October 2017

A team of scientists at the Center for Regenerative Medicine at the Boston School of Medicine has succeeded in obtaining functional type II pneumocytes [1]...

Cloned human embryos undergo "DNA surgery"

09 October 2017

In China, a team of scientists carried out "chemical surgery" on human embryos to "correct an error" in their genetic code. They used "basic editing" for this...


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