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"The trivialisation of genetically modified embryos is gaining ground"

28 November 2017

Jean-François Bouvet, Doctor of Sciences and author of  Bébés à la carte (designer babies), has just published an article in Le Point in which he...

Human organoids in rat brains: the return of the chimera debate

20 November 2017

Several American laboratories have apparently inserted human brain organoids into the brains of rats and mice, connecting the two structures via blood vessels...

Embryos not created for research purposes in the Netherlands

06 November 2017

Taking a different view from approaches in favour of relaxing the rules of former Health Minister, Edith Schippers (see Dutch report in favour of the...

Regenerate a weak heart by gene therapy?

30 October 2017

Gene therapy has restored virtually normal contractile function in mice with heart failure, bringing fresh hope of "regenerating a weak [human] heart". An...


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