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GMO babies: WHO sets up a working group, Harvard team launches similar research

18 December 2018

Following the revelation of the birth of two genetically modified babies in China last week, WHO announced the establishment of a “panel to study gene editing...

Chinese team produces mouse pups from two female mice

26 October 2018

On Thursday, a team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the successful creation of offspring from two female mice using embryo stem...

A step closer to the creation of artificial embryos?

05 October 2018

An international team of researchers led by Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz at Cambridge University claims to be very close to the creation of artificial...

Bioethics laws: "Human embryos - the adjustment variable in a political game"

23 July 2018

"There has been a direct link between medically assisted reproduction and human embryo research since the practice of the former in France has generated a...


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