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Stem cells: experts in 15 countries call for stricter international regulations

13 July 2017

Medical and legal experts in 15 countries are calling for stricter regulations to prevent vulnerable patients from continuing potentially fatal experimental...

Germany: stem cell research "progresses"

07 July 2017

Research into human embryo stem cells has been authorised in Germany since 2002 (see Germany and embryo stem cells; Germany: "yes" to the importation...

"In the future, all diseases could potentially be treated with iPs cells"

19 June 2017

Masayo Takahashi, Professor at the Riken Public Institute and  "an international pioneer in clinical trials based on iPS stem cells[1]", has...

A safer method for creating induced pluripotent stem cells

12 June 2017

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) are  "extremely promising for regenerative medicine, personal medicine and discovering new medicines". However,...


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